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The ONLY king of Rus'

Russia Beyond 18 Feb 2021
Bust of Daniil of Galich in Lviv, Ukraine Legion Media ... The monument to Daniil in Lviv, Ukraine Legion Media ... In 1253, even before Daniil’s crowning, Innocent IV declared a crusade against the Mongols and summoned the Christian warriors of Bohemia, Moravia, Serbia, Pomerania, and Lithuania ... Legion Media.

Self-Declared Independent Russian Media The Projekt Received Foreign Funding - Reports

Urdu Point 17 Feb 2021
The media is managed by the legal entity Project Media, Inc., registered in the United States, although a similar company exists in Lithuania ... According to RT, the media received donations from three sources, the EU European Endowment for Democracy (EED), the US Congress-funded National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and the Sreda Foundation.

Latvia's Ban of 16 Russian TV Channels Prompts Demonstration in Downtown Riga

Urdu Point 12 Feb 2021
RIGA (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 12th February, 2021) A sit-in picket, led by former member of European Parliament Miroslav Mitrofanov, took place in front of the Latvian media watchdog's office in central Riga on Friday to protest the ban of 16 Russian television channels, a Sputnik correspondent reported.

Russia issues arrest warrant for key Alexei Navalny ally who is calling for further protests

Australian Broadcasting Corporation 10 Feb 2021
Leonid Volkov has angered Russian authorities by organising anti-Kremlin protests from his base in Lithuania, and he wants supporters to flood social media with images of heart shapes made by candlelight for their next demonstration ... .

Ukraine appeals to Belarus for emergency electricity, as Lithuania admits it still imports energy from ...

Russia Today 04 Feb 2021
Lithuania’s minister for energy, Dainius Kreivys, told local media on Thursday that, despite efforts to cut the controversial plant out of its grid, the country was still importing significant amounts of its energy ... Also on Amid fears of second Chernobyl, Lithuania ...

Biden demands Putin 'unconditionally release' opposition leader Alexei Navalny after he is sentenced to two-and-a-half ...

The Daily Mail 02 Feb 2021
Following the sentence, Navalny's allies called for a protest in Moscow's Manezhnaya Square ... Psaki did not spell out any additional steps the U.S ... Diplomats from the United States, Britain, Bulgaria, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and other European countries attended, according to local media ... Judging by media reports, he moved freely and gave interviews.

Latvia wants to criminalize any contact with Moscow, activist prosecuted for penning articles for Russian ...

Russia Today 13 Jan 2021
Seven people, who worked with Russian media outlets in Latvia have been charged with breaking international sanctions ... Thus, the influence of Russian media in Latvia is to be diminished,” he said. All three Baltic states - Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia - have used EU sanctions to put pressure on Russian media outlets.

Lithuania’s Roma struggle to find new homes after mass eviction

Al Jazeera 14 Dec 2020
On an August day in Juodšiliai, a village in southeast Lithuania, sunlight spilled through a small window, illuminating the peeling wallpaper and worn-out walls of Rada and Jonas Aleksandravičiai’s new home ... Societal education about Roma in Lithuania happens only through the media, Kontvainė noted.

Kremlin dismisses conspiracy theories about Putin hiding from Covid-19 in ‘Sochi bunker,’ says president working ...

Russia Today 13 Dec 2020
Last week, the Lithuania-based news outlet Proekt Media accused Putin of “hiding in a bunker,” despite having made visits to both St. Petersburg and Sochi in recent weeks ... Also on Putin, riddled with cancer & suffering from Parkinson’s, preparing to step down – claims conspiracy-loving Western media.

Criminal cases against Sputnik journalists in Latvia are affront to ‘foundations of democratic society’ – Russia

Russia Today 04 Dec 2020
The Russian Foreign Ministry’s media ... the freedom of the media and the freedom of expression.” ... Officials in Latvia, as well as in neighboring Lithuania and Estonia, often accuse Russian-owned media outlets of being corrosive “propaganda” arms of the Kremlin.

Russia protests charges against state media journalists in Latvia

Metro USA 04 Dec 2020
The Kremlin media mogul was sanctioned by the ... The Baltic States of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, which were dominated by Moscow in the Soviet era but are now members of NATO and the EU, worry that their Russian-speaking minorities can be influenced by state-owned Russian media.

Lithuania country profile

BBC News 30 Nov 2020
Lithuania is the largest and most southerly of the three Baltic republics. Not much more than a decade after it regained its independence during the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990, Lithuania was welcomed as a Nato member in late March 2004 ... MEDIA ... The media are free and operate independently of the state ... 1918 - Lithuania declares independence.

EU to Impose Belarus Sanctions, Including on Firms

Hamodia 19 Nov 2020
The EU has sought to promote democracy and develop a market economy in Belarus, but, along with the United States, accuses Lukashenko of staying in power by holding fraudulent elections, jailing opponents and muzzling the media.